Chelsea FC

Chelsea FC - Galatasaray Champions League

DIN, 18 MRT 2014, In het Stamford Bridge

Prijs vanaf € 371.80


* The final match date and kick-off time is confirmed 5-30 days prior to the match day. If in doubt please check the official club website. Changes within the date frame are beyond our control and we ask that you are aware of this when making your travel plans!
* You will NEVER get any single seats. You will always get seats next to your friends, right in front or right behind your friends. This is our guarantee from us to you!
* You will always be seated among home supporters or in a neutral zone.
* When you have completed your booking a booking confirmation/receipt and your e-tickets will be send to your e-mail address immediately.
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Stamford Bridge : Onze biljetten zijn bij West Upper of East Upper(lange zijde), tenzij U anders wordt geinformeerd.
OBS: BLUE DINNER TICKET / TEA BAR: Is inclusief een lunch/diner in Stamford Bridge / Chelsea Complex VÓÓR de wedstrijd. Er wordt geopend voor de lunch/diner 2 uur vóór de wedstrijd. De biljetten zijn op West Upper Tier of East Upper Tier! In de prijs is er geen transport / hotel ingesloten!

For Champions League we sell 'Long Side Tickets incl. buffet without drinks':
Long side tickets + Pre-match 3 course hot and cold buffet served in Stadium Complex + Cash bar(You have to pay for all you drink). No opposition shirts are permitted.

For some matches, you can book 'SHORT SIDE TICKETS IN AWAY SIDE SECTION'. If you do you are not allowed  - under any circumstances – to wear any Chelsea shirts, scarfs or colors. Please show in neutral clothes


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Chelsea FC vs Galatasaray Champions League, DIN, 18 MRT 2014

Arena info.

Stamford Bridge Seatingplan Stamford Bridge Seatingplan


Fulham Road,
London, SW6 1HS



Fulham Broadway (District Line)

14, 211, 414

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